Tuesday 30 October 2007


For the meeting to be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 30th October 2007 at 7.30 p.m.


Declarations of interest:


Matters arising:
Flooding issues – report by Ray on District Parish meeting and meeting on flooding issues.
Replacement of Clerk
Repair of phone box on A4

Public time:

District Councillor:

Parish Plan update:

Clerk’s report:
Financial statement c/a £85.35 d/a £18,256.20
Bills to be paid: Edward Harris £934.71 legal advice on Midgham Green

New applications:
07/02109 Copse House, New Road Hill pitched roof link between garage and garden room
07/02180 Kiln meadow Farm, Cox’s Lane hay store extension
07/02111 Carlettdene, Church Hill demolish garage/sun room, single storey extension
07/01579 Nevasa, New Road Hill first floor extension granted
06/02147 Spire Ridge 3 x live/work units allowed

WBC Parish bids
District Local Plan 2002 saved policies
Road Safety Guide
Health and well being workshop
BALC AGM Sat 10th Nov 10.30 – 12.30 Grazeley Village Hall
Local Councils’ update
Pang and Kennet Countryside Projects request for funding
SEERA Inspectors report on SE Plan

Playground inspection rota:

Village Hall report: Moira

Exposed metal spikes on Coach and Horses boundary:

Midgham Green renovations;
Letter to residents
Ditch digging
Grass refurbishment

Repair of seats on Midgham Green and by Church:

Date of next meeting:
Tuesday November 27th at 7.30 p.m.