Sunday 13 May 2012

Parish Council Meeting 23 August 2011 Minutes

MIDGHAM PARISH COUNCIL 21 Swan Drive, Aldermaston. RG7 4UZ Email – Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 23 August 2011 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. Present were Mr H Long (Chairman) (HL) Mr R Norris (RN) Mr J Carey (JC) Mrs H Hutchins (HH) Mrs A Spoor (Clerk) Mrs I Neill (IN) (District Councillor) plus 1 member of the public 1. Apologies for absence Mr D Lombardo (DL) sent apologies due to personal commitments 2. Declarations of interest - none declared 3. Minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday 28 June 2011 were approved and signed 4. Matters arising not on the agenda – none 5. Midgham Rail Bridge Safety Improvements – Clerk advised that improvements are now on hold pending Network Rail's investigation into the impact of electrification of the Newbury line which could require works to this structure. Until a clear way forward is determined, any possible works by WBC are on hold. 6. Alms Houses – matter still in hands of WBC – no progress reported – they are still trying to determine ownership of the adjoining land 7. Emergency Plan – RN presented a map marking areas of responsibility for planning and emergencies. All present agreed the areas, noting there is still a vacancy on the parish council leaving one area not allocated. RN has agreed to progress the emergency planning issue on behalf of the Parish Council and will produce suggestions at a future meeting. It was also agreed that a leaflet introducing members of the Parish Council would be a good idea and be drafted for circulation to the parish – each Councillor to consider a short paragraph giving brief details about themselves. ACTION: Clerk to forward WBC template to RN 8. District Councillor’s report – IN advised: • Members capital bids for community projects are being sought • Changes to the grant application process were provided • Royal Mail plan changes to RG7 mail distribution moving it from Thatcham to Caversham. Graham Pask (Bucklebury) is seeking support for Royal Mail reconsider plans ACTION: Clerk to draft article for Church Magazine, HH will talk to local post man and report back, Midgham PC to write to Royal Mail • Broadband speeds – WBC are leading a bid and will be mapping areas – assistance from local PC’s may be required. 9. Public Time – no issues raised 10. Clerks’ report: • Clerk advised the following balances C/A £541.96 credit D/A £20814.87 credit • The following amounts were agreed for payment and cheques signed: £72.00 Knightley Harrison Ltd (Internal audit) £602.00 Odin Manners 11. Planning: Clerk advised: - Applications.. None - Decisions .... 11/00704/FUL Midgham Quarry – Approved 11/00169/FUL Toad Hall - Approved 11/00645/HOUSE Vista – Approved 12. Correspondence: Clerks & Councils Direct 13. Play area: Monthly check OK The following topic was raised for discussion by RN as an addition to the agenda to gauge level of support. Item to be tabled as agenda item next month: 14. Jubilee Celebrations – next June 1 – 4th June RN advised that Midgham and Woolhampton are proposing joint celebrations – this may mean no Midgham fete therefore any celebrations need to run as a fund raiser for Midgham. Midgham PC was asked to consider a donation of £250 in support of events (matched by £250 from Woolhampton) – this amount was agreed by all councillors present. The meeting closed at 8.25pm Date of next meeting Tuesday 27th September 2011


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