Sunday 13 May 2012

Parish Council Meeting 10th January 2012 Minutes

MIDGHAM PARISH COUNCIL 21 Swan Drive, Aldermaston. RG7 4UZ Email – Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 10th January 2012 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. Present were Mr H Long (Chairman) (HL) Mr R Norris (RN) Mrs H Hutchins (HH) Mr D Lombardo (DL) Mrs A Spoor (Clerk) Mr J Carey (JC) Plus 3 members of the public 1. Apologies for absence Mrs I Neill (IN) (District Councillor) sent apologies due to other council commitments 2. Declarations of interest - none declared 3. Minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday 22 November 2011 were approved and signed 4. Matters arising not on the agenda Salt bins: Clerk advised that a new salt bin had been sited on Church Hill and Di Hibberd confirmed the bin at end of Birds Lane had been restored to a larger bin. 5. Alms Houses – update from HL: WBC still not able to contact owner of the land adjacent to the Alms Houses who apparently lives abroad; they are doing what they can but until this happens there is nothing much the Parish Council can do. Situation will continue to be monitored especially in icy weather when the build up of water is likely to freeze. 6. Midgham Railway Bridge – Following the decision by WBC to make the Railway Bridge single carriageway with traffic light control Brimpton PC requested the assistance of Midgham PC to lobby Wasing (who they believed was the landowner) to increase the parking in the lay-by to help keep more cars of the road. Following discussion councillors questioned whether increasing the capacity for parking off road in the lay-by would be a benefit. Further clarification from Brimpton to be requested: 1) reference to lobbying Wasing - our understanding is that the owner of the land is Michael Goddard but currently leased to Grundon. 2) Who would pay for any work? HH provided background to the situation & explained the difficulties residents experience on a daily basis by speeding traffic using this stretch of road as a shortcut. Council’s comments were: 1) It was felt that the decision to implement light controls on the bridge may ease the speeding situation. 2) Apparently the lay-by was never officially planned but has over the years developed as cars have been parked by the residents of the cottages. 3) Speeding is an issue and of major concern on this particular stretch of road, which makes the crossing the road difficult especially at peak times. Parked cars on the opposite side to the lay-by (on the same side as the cottages) help slow the traffic. 4) This stretch of road is a minor country lane used as a rat run for cars from Thatcham cutting through the back roads to AWE. Councillors questioned the objective to make it easier for people using it as a shortcut and subsequently encouraging faster speeds ACTION: Clerk to respond to Brimpton PC. 7. Brimpton Road – HH reported that the ditches need clearing. It was agreed that HH would contact WBC to enquire if a letter could be sent to Mr Goddard advising that the ditches require clearing and reminding him of his responsibility to undertake this on a regular basis. ACTION HH to contact WBC and report back next meeting. 8. Emergency Plan – RN presented first draft of the plan. This plan, based on the WBC template tailored to meet the needs of Midgham extends to all potential emergencies not just bad weather. RN clarified that data protection issues prevent us from keeping a register of names of individuals requiring assistance or those able to offer help. It was agreed that this information should be known to each individual Parish Councillor but not kept as a paper copy. The chairman expressed concerns that perception may be that the parish council are not prepared and is keen to ensure that individual councillors are aware of residents that may require assistance within their ward. Discussion followed debating where responsibility rests in the case of emergencies and DL keen to ensure that WBC and emergency services are the main contact acknowledging that the parish council has a role to play where possible. It was also felt that there is a joint responsibility that individuals requiring assistance make themselves known and also acknowledged that some residents would not want to rely on the Parish Council as there is already an established network within the community. The ‘role of the Parish Council in Emergencies’ and communication issues relating to this are to be determined as the plan develops. ACTION: 1) It was agreed that a separate meeting specifically to develop the plan be held on 24 January starting at 6.30pm (not open to public). All councillors to review draft document and be in a position to contribute at the meeting. 2) RN to liaise with HH to update the flood plan procedures. 3) RN to investigate and add other groups that are able to help such as Rotary, Lions etc. 9. Royal Garden Party: It was agreed to nominate Hanslip Long 10. District Councillor’s report – District Councillor not present 11. Broadband Improvements – Clerk confirmed that response to WBC confirming that Midgham PC agrees in principal to the contribution. Councillors present were not aware of any local businesses that would be able to contribute to the costs. 12. Public Time – Village Hall improvements Viv presented invoices and requested the agreed donation be paid to Village Hall Committee. £1341.46 has been requested as the contribution to the improvements. A new key is still awaited for the clerk. ACTION: Clerk to raise cheque for signatures at next meeting. 13. Budget & Expenditure Review – Clerk presented accounts to date and recommendations for next year’s budget. It is again possible that the precept be kept low as funds allow, however a £500 increase was agreed to cover the cost of the broadband project. A precept of £2500.00 was agreed for 2012/2013 ACTION Clerk to send return to West Berkshire Council. 14. Clerks’ report: Financial statement: C/A £414.12 credit D/A £19834.80 credit Amounts to be paid No cheques to sign as £650.00 to Odin manners signed pre meeting. RN provided • A renewal quote for 2012/13 maintenance from Odin Manners of £1261.50 – all councillors present agreed to this quotation. ACTION: RN to confirm agreement to renew. • The request for the Jubilee Celebrations funds of £250 agreed at meeting on 23 August 2011 be paid. Cheque will be raised at next meeting. 15. Planning: Clerk advised that 11/01204/HOUSE Garth House, Bath Road, Midgham, Reading was going to Appeal with representations required by 26th January 2012. All councillors present agreed that our original comments remain. ACTION: Clerk to reply to WBC Decisions: Clerk advised the following decision: 11/02245/TELE56 Telecommunications Mast - Erection of structure on Brimpton Road) Approved - no objections. 16. Correspondence: Clerk advised the following correspondence had been received 16.1 Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service – Fire Authority Response to Fire Brigade Union Letter 16.2 West Berkshire Citizens Advice bureau – request for additional donation. 16.3 Thames Valley Police - internal review of neighbourhood policing 17. Play area: Monthly check – OK. The meeting closed at 9pm Next meeting of the Parish Council: Tuesday 28 February 2012 Extra meeting re Emergency Planning: Tuesday 24 January 2012 starting at 6.30pm


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