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Parish Council Minutes July 2010


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 20th July 2010 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present were Mr H Long (Chairman)(HL), Mrs M Rusbridge (MR), Mr D Lombardo (DL), Mr J Goddard, the Clerk Mrs A Spoor and 5 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence were received from J Carey and I Neill due to other commitments. J Ormrod did not attend.

2. Declarations of interest – Mr Lombardo declared an interest that is his son was involved with the discussions re the Village Hall.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday 29h June 2010 were read, approved and signed.
4. Matters arising:
4.1 Fire proof safe for clerk to store valuable records – spend up to £150 was agreed
4.2 DL advised that Woolhampton football pitch (beyond the Rowbarge) is being leased from Wasing Estate and that it would be alright for Midgham residents to play there.
Action: Clerk to advise Mrs Hutchins

5. District Councillor’s report - the District Councillor was not present.

6. Brimpton Road – Mr Pettifer presented photos of Brimpton Road clearly showing the need for maintenance cutting back greenery to improve line of sight for drivers on the corner.
Action : Clerk to contact WBC re cutting of grass.

Clerk updated progress re potential flooding issue being dealt with by J Winstanley of WBC - advised that landowner has been contacted and is in discussions re clearing the ditch. Staceys (who are responsible for the gravel extraction works) are also being asked to cut a path through the bund. Discussion re availability of space behind the ditch to allow clearing of ditch – parish council agreed to watch issue closely and bring pressure on WBC if necessary.
Action: Clerk to raise issue of grass cutting with WBC and monitor progress

7. Nursery Copse Appeal – clerk updated - WBC have agreed to meet with Midgham parish councillors but are awaiting clarification from the legal representatives. WBC will make contact when in a position to speak.
Action: Clerk to monitor

8. Emergency Planning – Carolyn Murison of WBC is attending the September parish council meeting. Articles have been put in the Church magazine in August and September to invite residents to attend.
In preparation of the meeting it was agreed:
• to review the current split of the parish into wards and have 2 lists one for planning where the councillor is not resident and one for other purposes where the councillor is resident
• see how the booklet recently distributed to all households could be used
• look at the issue of insurance where volunteers may be at risk
• that we ensure WBC remain accountable
• each councillor consider the names of residents who may need assistance or may be vulnerable in an emergency
• consider the names of people who may be in a position to help – thoughts on how we can collect these e.g. postcards delivered to each house
• contact names that WBC will add to their database
Action: Agenda Aug meet to agree plan pre Sept meeting
Clerk – to reassign planning areas

9. Public Time – Village Hall – see below item
Public time (continued):

Water leak opposite Midgham Park appears to have stopped. There is a constant water leak outside the Almshouses and also Nursery Copse
Action: Clerk to report to Thames Water

10. Village Hall:

MR advised that she had received email regarding membership of the Village hall but that due to holiday commitments the trustees had not had opportunity to meet. Mrs V Davis presented a list of questions re the Village Hall Charity. As this is Village Hall business not Parish Council it was resolved that the list of questions be put to MR in writing and copied to the clerk. MR provided a copy of the transcript of Conveyance which serves as the constitution – and advised that the original is held by the clerk - it was possible to make an appointment with the clerk to view this document if required. Derek Lombardo declared an interest as his son was involved with the Village Hall plans. MR advised that she would be unable to action anything in the following week due to prior commitments.
Action: Questions to be provided to MR and copied to clerk

11. Clerks’ report: Financial statement: c/a £423.53Cr d/a £17385.38Cr
Bills to be paid £84.00 Gardenmo
The councillors present agreed these amounts.
12. Planning:
- Applications - none
- Decisions - none

13. Correspondence:
Midgham Community First Responder Scheme request for donation £500.
Action: Clerk to ascertain previous donation and reagenda for discussion at next meeting

14. Play area:
Monthly check – all OK

15. Midgham Green:
Reflectors for posts Action: DL to install

Cutting of the Green/contract for work – Mrs Wright offered to get the Green cut by her contractor
Action: Clerk to contact Mrs Wright re payment HL/DL to investigate re future frequency of cutting

16. Other business
HL advised that a more substantial log had been placed at the entrance to the woodland below Mr Inwoods property.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9pm.

Date of next meeting 24 August 2010


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