Monday 27 July 2009

MPC Minutes January 2009


Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall on Tuesday January 27th 2009 at 7.30 p.m.

Present were Mr R Disson (Chairman), Mr. D. Lombardo, Mr J Goddard, Mrs. M. Rusbridge, Mr S Sawyer, Mrs. E Berry the Clerk and three members of the public.

Apologies were received from Mr J Ormrod. Mrs Neill, District Councillor arrived at 8.00pm

Declarations of interest: There were none.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were read approved and signed.

Matters arising: There were none.

Public Time Representations were made about a new drainage ditch at The Barn, Midgham Park, which may be causing flooding on to a footpath, Clerk to raise with the footpath officer at W.B.C. together with a broken stile between East Lodge and Midgham Park.
It was also noted that a vehicle is sometimes parked partially blocking a footpath near the church. The matter has been raised with the owner and resolved.

District Councillor’s Report – Nursery Copse – still ongoing. There has been an appeal against the enforcement notice.
Mrs Neill reported that the council are setting the budget for 2009/10 and are experiencing increased costs but some loss of revenue for example from car parking and reduced house building.

Village Hall Discussion & Update - There are still two people interested in serving on the village hall committee. Councillors agreed to canvass their own local area to see if anyone else is interested. W.B.C. has asked to rent the hall for an election which was agreed subject to them collecting the key the night before. The accounts and other arrangements will be discussed at the next meeting.

New Bus Shelters W.B.C. have raised a number of queries about installation and preparation of the areas where the new shelters will be sited. Mr Disson will liaise with the Public Transport Officer to resolve the issues including siting of services.

Midgham Green Maintenance – Mrs Rusbridge has now obtained the relevant quotes and will instruct the clerk on ordering as per the last meeting.

Clerks’ report:Financial statement: c/a £231.51 d/a £18,562.24

Precept 2009/2010 – A discussion document was circulated and the clerk and Chairman answered questions regarding the past and present budgets. After much discussion and a vote it was agreed to set the precept for 2009/10 at the level of £5,000 rather than £5500. This figure being £2,500 lower than last year to reflect the economic climate and the expected reduction in costs compared to last year.


Pang, Kennett & Lambourne Valleys Countryside Projects (FWAG) – clerk to enquire further regarding this correspondence.
St Matthew’s Parish Church – request for financial help with costs of grass cutting. £250 grant made. The councillors present approved this amount.
Open Spaces – request for a donation to legal funds. The parish council felt unable to make a contribution on this occasion.
District Parish Conference Agenda items. Planning enforcement & feedback suggested.
Provision of Mobile Youth work in West Berkshire. Councillors felt that there was little point in contributing towards purchasing expensive vehicles when the parish already has a village hall for this purpose.
Redevelopment of West Berkshire Museum – meeting on 11th Feb at Shaw House – noted.
Development Control Planning Meeting at Woolhampton Village Hall 12th February 2009.

Planning: New applications:

08/02320/CERTE Nursery Copse Certificate of Lawfulness
08/01909/FUL Bailiff’s Cottage – erection of fence to Tennis Court – no objections made.
08/02268/HOUSE Bailiffs Cottage – Tree house – Tree officer’s recommendation sought.
08/02366/LBC 43 Birds Lane – Wood Burning stove pipe – no objections made.
08/02412/HOUSE Vista, Birds Lane, Attached Garage /office - Objection - a number of parishioners have raised points on this application which was fully discussed. Councillors noted that a previous application to build a separate bungalow on this site had been turned down and they felt that the size of the proposed building was inappropriate.

Decisions: 08/01877/FULD The Barn Old Acre - Approved

Parish Plan Update – Next meeting will be 2 February and committee and organisation of volunteers will be discussed. A number of residents have expressed interest in helping with the plan.

Play Area – No problems to report.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.

The next meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 24 February 2009 at 7.30pm.


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