Tuesday 26 August 2008

MIDGHAM PARISH COUNCIL Minutes (Unapproved) July 22nd 2008

Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall on Tuesday July 22nd 2008 at 7.30 p.m.

Present were Mr R Disson (Chairman), Mr. D. Lombardo, Mr J Goddard, Mrs. M. Rusbridge, Mr S Sawyer, the Clerk Mrs. E Berry and three members of the public. As Mr Disson was unable to attend until after the start of the meeting, Mr Sawyer chaired the meeting.

Apologies were received from Mr J Ormrod and from Mrs I Neill.

Declarations of interest: There were none.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were read approved and signed.

Matters arising:

Windows at Hill House - A reply had been received from WBC that no condition of the planning permission prevents any of the windows in the development from being replaced with a non-smoked variety of glass. A member of the public also raised a query regarding the window and the overgrown hedge on the site, and it was agreed that a councillor would visit the premises to discuss the matters with the owners. The parish clerk will raise the matter again with WBC.

Public Time – these items were raised under matter arising

District Councillor’s Report: No report as the councillor was not present.

Mrs Rusbridge left the meeting at this point due to a prior engagement.

Village Hall:

Mr Lombardo queried whether it would be possible for someone to run the bookings for the village hall while a new committee was being formed and he also asked when the new committee was likely to meet. Mr Angell explained the procedures needed to act as booking secretary, including the risk analysis and Mr Disson discussed the letter which was to be issued to all residents asking for more volunteers. Mr Lombardo agreed to draft the letter and forward it to the parish clerk for issue.
Mr Disson explained that he felt more people needed to be involved in the running of the hall, but that to date, insufficient practical help had been forthcoming.

Mr Disson stated that he would be tendering his resignation as Chairman and as a councillor.
Mr Lombardo declined to continue to participate in the meeting and left at 8.15pm.
Mr Sawyer thanked Miss Hibberd for cutting the grass around the hall.
Mr Disson noted that he has some plans from an architect which he will pass to Mr Sawyer.

Meeting with Dr Markham

No comments had been received from any councillors so the matter was held over for the next meeting.

Clerk’s report:
Financial statement: c/a £426.93 d/a £15,872.69

Bills to be paid: Alpha Engraving £66.00
Village Hall Rental £180.00
The Councillors present approved these amounts for payment.

New applications:
08/01082 – Kents Down Farm – No objections
08/01169 – Gardeners Cottage - Block of 3 stables. A member of the public had raised concerns about the available acreage for horses on this site compared with the proposed number of stables. They were concerned that the stables could be used for some other purpose.
08/00724 – Old Acre House – approved.

Mr Sawyer reminded councillors of their responsibility to visit neighbours involved in planning applications to seek their views.


West Berks Council – Temporary closure of part of New Road Hill 18/08/08 – 19/08/08
West Berks Council - Temporary Closure of Midgham Level Crossing 19/07/08 – 21/07/08 & 26/07/08 – 28/07/08.
West Berks Council – Vegetation clearance – clerk to reply querying parish council powers.
West Berks Council – Earth retaining Bund – Mr Disson reported that he had discussed this matter with some residents of Brimpton Road but noted that they should all be consulted when they return to their houses, which is scheduled for August.
A4 Bus Shelter – Clerk is waiting for a letter from WBC to confirm that the old shelter has been destroyed, and will request more information on the possible replacement.

Play Area - No report available as Mr Lombardo was not present.

Midgham Green: The blue tapes will be left in place until the logs have been purchased.

Parish Plan: no news to report.

Mr Goddard noted that the village BBQ will be held at Midgham Park Farm this year.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

The next meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 26th August 2008 at 7.30 p.m.


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