Monday 21 July 2008


Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall on Tuesday April 22nd 2008 at 7.30 p.m.

Present were Mr R Disson (Chairman), Mr. D. Lombardo, Mr J Ormrod, Mrs. M. Rusbridge, the Clerk Mrs.E Berry and one member of the public.
Apologies were received from Mr. S Sawyer, Mr J Goddard and Mrs I Neill.

Declarations of interest: None

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were read approved and signed.

Matters arising:
Annual Village Meeting: 24 April 2008. The District Councillor will now be unable to attend the meeting. Details of the plans for the hall and lay-by will be displayed together with the trust documents.
S106 details from WBC received. Derek will format the information so that the council can consider what action to take regarding the funds.

Public time: WBC has advised that the A4 bus shelter should be replaced during the current financial year but a check will be made for a more specific time frame. Clerk to make enquiries about a claim on the insurance.

District Councillor’s Report: None made as the District Councillor was not present.

Clerk’s report:
Financial statement: c/a 1155.41 d/a £15145.01

Bills to be paid Manscape – clerk is querying latest invoice.
Village Hall rates demand – checking to see who is liable for this.
PJ Lush for Midgham Green £1468.75
Two quotes have been received for Parish Council Insurance. These will be discussed further at the next meeting.
The Councillors present approved this amount for payment.

Invitation received from the Rural Housing Trust re an Affordable Housing scheme.
Kennet & Pang Valley Area Forum meeting 23 April 2008. No councillors able to attend.
Town & Parish Emergency Planning Training 23 June 2008. All councillors will try to attend.
Clerk to reserve places.
Open Spaces Society request for a donation for their Green Alert campaign. £50 agreed and approved.
Connecting Communities in Berkshire membership request – clerk to check details.
Quality Design Planning Document – to be circulated to councillors.
Parish Bids for the Highway & Transport Capital programme – circulated.
a)Replacement of Bus Shelter on A4 – will be replaced under the Real Time Passenger Information scheme.
b)Safe off street parking for 3 vehicles outside Midgham Village Hall – bid unsuccessful but may be resubmitted next year.
Safer Communities Partnership Newsletter circulated.

New applications:
08/00682/HOUSE Water Oak, Midgham Green

08/00402/LBC2 Water Oak, Midgham Green Approved
08/00299/HOUSE 6 Midgham Park Cottages Approved


Letter received from Ann Clarke re landscaping at junction of Birds Lane/School Hill. Moira to look at this and make recommendations.

Report received from WBC re flooding in Midgham making a number of recommendations for action to reduce future risks. Report to be circulated to all councillors.

Play Area No problems to report.

New Play Area James is researching this.

Midgham Green: Most of the tree work is now complete but the surface of the green needs improving. James will get quotes for preparation and treatment of the green.

Village Hall Report:

All households have been sent the Village Hall survey and approximately 30 have been returned. The chairman has had informal meetings with the planning department to discuss possible solutions. A parish resident is considering donating some land for a new hall.
New vacuum will be purchased shortly.

Any Other Business

47 Birds Lane – a reply had been received from WBC explaining that most of the work has been found to be acceptable in planning terms. The completion of a bonded surface for the new access is still under observation by the planning dept. The chairman noted that the reply covers all the points raised by the parish council and explains the current position.

Mole End – Chairman has written to Dr Markham offering to have an informal meeting to discuss further points raised by him.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.00 p.m.

The next meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 27th May 2008 at 7.30 p.m.


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