Monday 21 July 2008


Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall on Tuesday June 24th 2008 at 7.30 p.m.

Present were Mr R Disson (Chairman), Mr. D. Lombardo, Mr J Goddard, Mrs. M. Rusbridge, Mr S Sawyer, Mrs I Neill, district councillor, the Clerk Mrs.E Berry and three members of the public.

Apologies were received from Mr J Ormrod.

Declarations of interest: Chairman noted an interest in a planning application for Old Acre as he lives nearby.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were read approved and signed.

Matters arising: Chairman noted that the canal is in need of repair approximately 50 yards west of last year’s breach. Clerk will write to British Waterways to ask them to inspect.
Letter received from WBC detailing possible construction of a bund at the rear of the houses in Brimpton Road. Clerk to write to Mike Goddard as he owns the land.
Four people have expressed an interest in joining the village hall committee. Chairman will arrange for them to meet with Steve Angell.

Public time: Minutes of previous meetings will be placed on the village website.
The glass has been replaced in the notice board in Birds Lane.
Query regarding the windows in the development at Hill House will be referred to WBC for clarification.

District Councillor’s Report: The new waste and recycling collection service starts this week.
The community Information service has moved to Thatcham library.
The discovery centre is reopening this week following last year’s floods.
Notices relating to Nursery Copse are with the legal officer and should be issued in the next couple of weeks.

Annual Accounts y.e. 31.03.08. & Budget Review 2008/09

The clerk presented the accounts for 2007/2008 and noted that the internal audit had been completed. They were approved by the council, proposed by Mr Disson and seconded by Mrs Rusbridge and were signed by the Chairman.

Village Hall:

One event had been held in the hall last week.
The drains have been cleared.
A letter will be sent to all residents regarding future plans for the hall when the new committee have met.

Meeting with Dr Markham

No comments had been received from any councillors so the matter was held over for the next meeting. The chairman noted his disappointment that councillors have not been more active between meetings following his request last month for a greater commitment. An emergency planning meeting held last night with WBC had been attended by himself and only one other councillor. He had received no feedback at all in relation to the local development framework.

Clerk’s report:
Financial statement: c/a 128.94 d/a £16560.01

Bills to be paid: Campaign to protect Rural England membership £28.00
Monksmead Farms £340.75
Monksmead Farms £88.12
P&P Services iro Village Hall £164.50
J Barraclough, internal audit £50.00

The Councillors present approved these amounts for payment.

New applications:
08/00911 Old Acre - Demolition of garage and erection of building – 2 councillors were against this application and 3 noted no objections therefore the council had no objection overall. They noted however that any further development should be very strictly controlled.

08/00682 Water Oak – Approved
08/00648 Spire Ridge Kennels - Approved


P O Box – PO Box no 6203 RG19 9FP has been set up for future use.
Area Forums – WBC have suspended these temporarily with a view to finding alternative ways to communicate and consult with the public.
Community Council for Berkshire – AGM 15 July 2008
Open Spaces Society – AGM 1 July 2008
CAB – Letter of thanks for contribution to outreach service.
Readibus – AGM 10th July 2008
Thames Valley Police Authority – Have your say! & Open Day 9 August at Sulhamstead.

Play Area No problems to report.

Midgham Green: The parish council have paid for the works to the green but will be claiming the amount back from the Midgham Green residents as previously agreed. One resident has queried the width of the turning circle and feels that it may need to be slightly enlarged. The chairman will inspect to see if alteration is needed. Logs will be placed along the path to protect the edges. Some rats have been seen in the discarded grass cuttings and the clerk has written to the contractor to ask for cuttings to be removed in future.
The bench has been repaired.

Parish Plan: no news to report.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

The next meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 29th July 2008 at 7.30 p.m.


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