Monday 12 November 2007

MIDGHAM PARISH COUNCIL Minutes Oct07 (approved)

Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 30th October 2007 at 7.30 p.m.

Present were Mr. R. Disson (Chairman), Mr. S. Sawyer (Vice Chairman), Mr. J. Goddard, Mr. D. Lombardo, Mr. J. Ormrod , Mrs. M Rusbridge, Mrs. I. Neill (District Councillor), the Clerk Mrs. M. Cowdery, four members of the public and Mrs. E. Berry (prospective Clerk)

Declarations of interest:
Mr. Sawyer declared an interest in the maintenance of Midgham Green being a resident thereof

The minutes of the previous meeting were read approved and signed.

Matters arising:
Flooding issues – Mr. Disson had attended two meetings at WBC to discuss the flooding issues of July 20th. The meetings looked at what happened, how the area coped, along with the good and bad points. The Environment Agency reported that 3 ½ inches of rain fell in 2 hours, which inundated the area and caused flash flooding. In Midgham the canal burst its banks which caused the worst of the flooding. The police did not close the roads in flooded areas which exacerbated the problem for some properties. A full report will be issued in January 2008. A further meeting is being held by WBC for residents to give their personal experiences during the floods.
Replacement of Clerk –notices advertising the vacancy on the Council for a Clerk have been posted on the noticeboards and included in the Church Magazine. One applicant, Mrs. E. Berry from Aldermaston has come forward so far.
Repair of phone box on A4 – this has been cleaned and repaired.

Public time:
Miss Jacobs asked what was happening regarding the steps to the Village Hall. Mrs. Rusbridge replied that she could make no comment at the moment. Mr. Disson asked that a full report be made at the next meeting of the Parish Council in November.

District Councillor:
Mrs. Neill reported on the situation with both the Pinchington Lane tip and the Paices Hill tip both of which are experiencing problems. Following the accident at Pinchington Lane tip in which a member of the public was killed, Health and Safety regulations have been tightened which means restricted opening hours. Paices Hill tip needs a police presence when it is reopened following an incident.
Nursery Copse – WBC has asked for pressure to be put on the barristers who are dealing with the case, to produce their report. There has been increased activity on the site with caravans and top soil being imported.

Parish Plan update:
Nothing to report

Clerk’s report:
Financial statement c/a £85.35 d/a £18,256.20
Bills to be paid: Edward Harris £934.71 legal advice on Midgham Green
This amount was approved for payment by the Councillors.
Insurance: Came and Co. in cop-operation with Norwich Union has launched a new insurance policy for Parish Councils. The Clerk was asked to get a quotation.

New applications:
07/02109 Copse House, New Road Hill pitched roof link between garage and garden room
07/02180 Kiln meadow Farm, Cox’s Lane hay store extension
07/02111 Carlettdene, Church Hill demolish garage/sun room, single storey extension
There were no objections to the above applications
07/01579 Nevasa, New Road Hill first floor extension granted
06/02147 Spire Ridge 3 x live/work units allowed

WBC Parish bids
District Local Plan 2002 saved policies
Road Safety Guide
Health and well being workshop
BALC AGM Sat 10th Nov 10.30 – 12.30 Grazeley Village Hall
Local Councils’ update
Pang and Kennet Countryside Projects request for funding
SEERA Inspectors report on SE Plan

Playground inspection rota:
Mr. Lombardo volunteered to inspect the playground in Birds Lane on a weekly basis.

Village Hall report:
Mrs. Rusbridge reported that a recent community event had been a success , raising about £400 for Village Hall funds.

Exposed metal spikes on Coach and Horses boundary:
Mr. Disson had spoken to the owner of the Coach and Horses pub about some metal spikes that were protruding from his hedge. The offending item has been removed.

Midgham Green renovations;
Letter to residents – following the meeting with the residents of Midgham Green to discuss the proposed improvement, Mr Disson had drafted a letter outlining the proposals. The letter had been amended by Mr. Edward Harris (Solicitor), and was presented for approval to the Council.
It will now be sent to the residents of the Green.
Ditch digging – Mr. Disson and Mr. Sawyer had met with Andrew Reynolds from WBC to discuss the best way to dig out the ditch. It was decided not to touch the ditch, but to mark the edge of the track with logs. It was also suggested that the Council ask WBC to insert granite setts along the edge of the road where Footpath 7 joins it.
Grass refurbishment - Mr. Disson had met with an arborist to discuss lopping the trees on Midgham Green. He was awaiting a quotation.
Mr. Ormrod and Mrs. Rusbridge were awaiting quotations for work on improving the Green,
Mr. Brooker also volunteered to provide a quotation for the work.

Repair of seats on Midgham Green and by Church:
Mr. Ormrod is awaiting a quotation for repairing the seat on Midgham Green.
The seat by the church has been removed, and is in storage with Miss Hibberd. It was agreed that a new seat be provided by the Parish Council with a new plaque. Mrs. Sawyer would get some quotations from Hilliers Garden Centre. Mr. Brooker offered to secure the new seat in position.

Date of next meeting:
Tuesday November 27th at 7.30 p.m.
Tuesday December 18th at 7.30 p.m.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.


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