Friday 14 September 2007

Parish Council - Areas of planning responsibility


Planning Area Responsibility

Councillors are assigned planning application areas of responsibility for when a new application is made. If you have any questions on a new application please contact the relevant Councillor.

John Goddard New Road Hill up to East Lodge, inclusive

James Ormrod School Hill from Shooters Lodge to Keepers Cottage, inclusive. Midgham Park

Moira Rusbridge Bath Road east of Church Hill to junction with New Road Hill, Woolhampton boundary); Brimpton Road

Ray Disson Midgham Green to Button Farm inclusive

Derek Lombardo Cox’s Lane, Bath Road, West of and including ‘Coach and Horses’ and houses opposite; Church Hill to Gower Cottage and Nursery Copse

Steve Sawyer Birds Lane and West Lodge to Hameldown inclusive


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